Being inspired by Waldorf and Montessori Methodology we have designed our Course Curriculum and Syllabus which caters to the holistic development of the child.

Ingrained in the Montessori philosophy, is the inclusion of holistic and enriching activities that stimulate children and allow them to learn while exploring creative outlets that will help them progress in the future and have a stronger foundation.


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Our Philosophy


Throughout the various sessions in the classroom the children are treated with respect and understanding, which goes a long way in developing the required self confidence.

Growth oriented Environment

Children follow a regimen which inculcates discipline in them while at the same time providing them with enough freedom of imagination and expression

Emotional Intelligence

Interactions across Pre-School, Day Care & Activity Club focus on developing emotionally intelligent children with the skill to identify, assess and control emotions of oneself, of others and of groups.

Teachers of smartkidz

Teachers of smartkidz are trained to impart various skills and motivate the child to learn new things every day. They also make the child inquisitive and keep them focused in class by making the topic interesting from time to time. The teachers in our school spend quality time with the children and parent them with love and affection. They guide the children and inculcate values, help them to develop confidence, creativity and respect for their elders. This leads to tremendous development in the child’s personality.

Our teachers are given in-house training on the concepts, strategies of child development, dealing with different types of children, bringing out clarity in the day to day activities.

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